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line, account and contract terminated illegally.

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line, account and contract terminated illegally.

I have had my services terminated illegally, it also now looks as though I have lost my fibre line due to this (limited number in the area with a waiting list.) I am on the extremely vulnerable list in the current pandemic due to my lung disease, and this has left me unable to use my online services to order my medication and to contact family and friends!!

    My bill was generated on the 3rd of march and payment was due to be taken on the 10th of March (i have the bills as proof and screenshotted before the online account vanishes)... I had some money troubles so I called on the 30th of March to pay the outstanding balance and to restore my services at which time i was told that my services and account had been disconnected and handed to a debt recovery team. This termination is completely in breach of contract! 33 days must pass before a termination letter can be issued! i was told on the phone that a termination email was sent to me on the 13th or march! (3 DAYS AFTER THE PAYMENT WAS DUE TO BE TAKEN!!) This action is in breach of contract and is nowhere near day 33 after the due date which would be 12/4/2020 before a termination letter or email can even be issued to as per the contract.

I have been left with no services at all with 4 children in the home that are not allowed to leave the house and i have been left isolated from my friends and family totally as i have no internet services!

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Re: line, account and contract terminated illegally.

@rosemarykelly27 I am sorry to hear that your account was terminated incorrectly and can see that this complaint has already been picked up and dealt with here. If there is anything we can do in the meantime that hasn't been raised on that link, then please get back in touch. Smiley

 Plusnet Help Team