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is this an email scam?

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is this an email scam?

I got an email yesterday purporting to be from plusnet. It said:

  Hello [my full email address]

Unique identifier : [random number]

We detected something unusual about a recent login attempt (too many failed login attempts) to your Plusnet account [my email address]

You don`t have to worry about this because we have blocked the attempt to access your account, however you will need to <redacted> in order to prove that you are the right account holder.

The link's only valid for 24 hours, so you'd better get a move on.

The Plusnet Support Team


It looked exactly like the emails I get from plusnet. and without thinking much I clicked on the link and put in a few details. However when I got to a page wanting all my bank information, red flags went up. I looked a bit closer and saw that the email was sent from 231 -- Plusnet-Support.Customer.UK <>.. This makes me think very much it's a scam - I'm quite sure plusnet staff don't use hotmail addresses. I didn't input any further details, and hadn't pressed 'confirm' or anything so I think it's ok. Has anyone else had this email? thanks


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Re: is this an email scam?


Yes, it’s a phishing attempt. There are several  reports at the moment. Forward it to

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