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ADSL to Full fibre via a new account

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ADSL to Full fibre via a new account

My 93 year old grandmothers contract is up for renewal in January.  She needs a landline, and to retain her 40 year old+ number, with no downtime.  So I am currently planning in advance, and trying to work out how to do this as safely as possible!

My current plan is to place a FTTP (she is in a Fibre Priority area) order using a new account when her contract comes up for renewal.  Once installed and working I will then port the still working landline number to A&A, which will obviously cease the old copper line + ADSL product.

Now my question is a) has anybody every tried this b) I've been with PlusNet a long time, and am nervous of screwups - if I use a new account, is there likely to be anything in the automation software that will screw this up or am I just better off signing her up with a CityFibre provider to avoid any Openreach dependency between the new connection and old.

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Re: ADSL to Full fibre via a new account

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Re: ADSL to Full fibre via a new account

Other advantages of going the CityFibre route -


A&A are a CityFibre FTTP provider, so you could have broadband and VoIP billing with one provider, and A&A have the best reputation for successfully migrating both VoIP and broadband services so would meet your requirement to "do this as safely as possible !"


As this account is for a 93 year old, you should consider the broadband contract "minimum term" period that you might have to pay off, if your grandmother's circumstances unexpectedly changed in the short term.

  • With A&A CityFibre the minimum term is just one month, before going onto a rolling contract.
  • With most Openreach FTTP suppliers, your minimum term is likely to be at least 12 months (exceptions include Pulse8)
  • With Plusnet, although 12 month contracts are available, the cheapest headline deals are for 24 months.


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Re: ADSL to Full fibre via a new account


I moved FTTC to FTTP with PlusNet and then ported my landline number to Sipgate.

I signed up for a new FTTP account, when I got to




I said I wanted to keep my home phone with my current provider ie PlusNet


When FTTP had been activated I ported my number which killed the FTTC

I pre arranged with PlusNet that early termination charge would be waived