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Why is billing so hard?

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Why is billing so hard?

I just changed my payment method from direct debit to card payment.


I got my bill yesterday and I want to pay the bill but it won't let me, apparently I can only pay the bill 7 days after the bill is produced.


WHY?  I would much rather pay the bill as soon as I get it, I am paid on the last business day of the month so i want all my payments go out the account before my wife has a chance to spend our money!!!

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Why is billing so hard?

Hi @Inigma81, thanks for getting in touch and I'm sorry to hear you're unable to make a one off card payment currently. If there's no direct debit active on the account then the invoice should be payable the day it generates. As you've recently cancelled the direct debit it's more than likely this process and the direct debit already trying to be processed that's stopping your ability to make a one off card payment.

Should the direct debit fail then you'll get a notification and this is when you can make a one off card payment. Now the direct debit is cancelled however, your next months invoice she be payable by card from the day it generates.