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Unfair low compensation due to errors in their records

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Unfair low compensation due to errors in their records

I returned from holiday on 23rd May and tried to work from home. The wifi had been dropping in and out since before I went away but on our return it was much worse so I phoned Plusnet who sent an engineer out. He changed the socket which was apparently faulty and unsurprisingly the issue wasn't resolved (but he said it was...). The next day the internet was working fine for about a  day and after that it again dropped in and out continuously and was slow when it did work. This would be every 1 or 2 minutes so working from home was impossible and so I had to take a few days leave. Reported the issue again the Plusnet on the 30th May (which they say I didn't even though I have phone records to show I was the phone to them for around an hour) who I spent a long time on the phone to. After an hour I was told the issue was the fact that I was on a copper line that was probably failing, that Openreach didn't want to upgrade the copper line so the only option was to move to fibre. I did this and was told an engineer would come to connect us a week later on the 7th June. This day came around and no connection, phoned and was told an engineer would connect us on the 12th June. This has now happened and we have wifi. 

I spoke to Plusnet who had automatically given me a £46 refund (and £25 for the missed engineer visit) but given it is now   c.£9 per day of downed wifi I think this isn't enough. I am now even more peeved that it has been raised to £75 'on the proviso that in future they must inform us if they (sic) services aren't working' (as written in an email to when they closed the 'question'). The fact that Plusnet are doubting me telling them I did so is especially irritating. I have had to take 5 days leave and even discounting the days when the internet was unusable (totalling at least 6) this means we were without internet for 11 days. Discounting the 2 days they apparently don't pay for I should be owed c.£108 for the down time and surely something for the times it was completely unusable?

I am also mostly irritated that these refunds are classed as 'goodwill gestures' as if they're doing us a favour!

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Re: Unfair low compensation due to errors in their records

Is the circumstances do not meet the criteria for the Ofcom defined Automatic Compensation Scheme (ACS), then any refund which might be offered is a goodwill gesture, not a right.

ACS excludes the first two non-serviceable days and day the service is restored.  Those rules are defined by Ofcom, not the ISP.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.