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Unexplained Bill Increase by £15

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Unexplained Bill Increase by £15

I had been happily paying 19.99 for the most basic broadband account I could find. Suddenly in December it jumped up to 29.98 - I checked the breakdown and my line rental is 18.99 and the unlimited broadband is 10.99. I kind of remember some kind of warning about that 18 months previously when I first signed up to PlusNet but couldn't clearly recall why or what the new price would be. However, oddly my connection has been extremely slow ever since this increase in December which did make me grudge paying an extra 9.99 for something worse.

But then this month my bill is 34.81 with a second line rental charge of 3.06 and a second broadband charge of 1.77. It might not seem much but I'm on a very low income and I chose the cheapest broadband I could find that worked in my area. I can't afford to have a bill increase every month! I'm not happy with this situation and am now considering leaving PlusNet.
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Re: Unexplained Bill Increase by £15

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Re: Unexplained Bill Increase by £15

The £29.98 is easily explained. This is the full price after the 18 month contract ran out. This will have been explained to you if you read the terms and conditions. Pluanet explain it when you sign uo under'Here's the legal bit'. What you should do is go onto a price comparison websites and find a cheap alternative ISP. Then ring Plusnet, tell them that you are thinking of leaving and ask them to match the competitors price in exchange for a new contract. The chances are that they will.

I can't help with the other charges, have you checked that they are not phone calls?

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Re: Unexplained Bill Increase by £15

Hi madorchid@


I'm sorry to hear that your monthly price has increased.


As Baldrick1@ explained contact would need to be made to our retentions team (Customer Options) to discuss a better deal for yourself should you be out of contract.


I can see that you contacted one of our advisers this morning also.


Please feel free to get back in touch should you require further assistance as we are more than happy to help!


Kind Regards