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Struggling to pay bill.

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Struggling to pay bill.

Hi I’m making this post as I’ve been stuggling this month with personal circumstances which has caused me to be restricted with both my mobile phone (unable to call to fix this situation ) and my broadband services restricted.

I’m looking for an extension of 2 weeks until the 18th.

I did advise an advisor on the 27th of June of this issue and I was made aware id have the help of the extension but I have woken up today to no internet in my house.

I cannot contact you any other way.
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Re: Struggling to pay bill.

I'm sorry to hear of your problems. When was your monthly bill due? You say you called on June 27 which is a fortnight ago. Could you have asked for two weeks from that date, perhaps, with the result that your BB was cut off today? 

Note that this site is run mainly by customers and Plusnet staff have limited time to participate in it, much as we all would like them to. I understand  the phone difficulty but would advise you to phone them again as soon as you can. 


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Re: Struggling to pay bill.


You've obviously managed to access these fora perhaps through a friend or neighbour.


If you could access your tickets using this link you may see an open ticket mentioning your recent call and its outcome. You may be able to add further information for staff to review.

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Re: Struggling to pay bill.

@Yatezhdv2 I can see you have called since and sorted this, is that right?

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