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Renewed Contract Issue

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Renewed Contract Issue


I renewed my contract at beginning of Dec, with written confirmation of new monthly price.

However for some reason i`m now being charged £21.22 which is not the price that was agreed or the price of my previous contract (no idea why that figure is being used?), meaning ive now been overcharged for 3 consectutive invoice periods since renewing.

Also the new router i was promised has still not arrived?

Who do i need to contact regarding this?


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Re: Renewed Contract Issue


Not that it necessarily answers your question but £21.22 is the current monthly line rental charge. Your previous contract may well have been a fixed price contract and the line rental charge would have been that prevalent at the start of that contract. With the new contract you get charged the current line rental price which will increase by CPI +3.9% in March.

But this does not answer why there is no broadband charge, unless, of course that is £0.00.

Hopefully someone from Plusnet Customer Services will pick up your post here and provide you with a definitive answer. Otherwise you could call CS 0800 432 0200 but they do not usually pick up quickly.

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Re: Renewed Contract Issue


Looks like something hasnt been done properly at Plusnet`s side when they renewed my contract at the agreed price.

I`ll have to give them a call to fix it it seems.

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Re: Renewed Contract Issue

Thanks for your post @Rybenuk

I'm sorry to see your bill's higher than we've agreed.

I've refunded the overcharges to your bank account now you should receive within the next 5 to 10 working days.

I've also applied the right discounts on your account so moving forward, things should be correct.

Let us know if you have further issues or there's anything else you'd need help with.

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