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Hi All

I just had a contract renewal notice come through for home phone and broadband. I have been paying £32.41 a month on the current 1 year contract which at the point of renewal last year I thought seemed a little high especially considering the offers from some other providers but for various reasons stuck with it anyway. The renewal offer for an 18 month contract now stands @ £21.95 a month for fibre and line rental which seems pretty good but makes me wonder 1. Have I been paying over the odds for the last year and 2. are Plusnet desperate to keep subscribers.

As an aside I note the price is subject to increase in March which annoys me when it's a contract, personally I'd find it much easier if I could get a fixed price for the length of the contract although I appreciate it probably would be a bit higher per month.

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Re: Renewal

My current rate is less than what you were paying but my renewal isn't as low as the one they've offered you (not that I can renew from the link in their email)

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Re: Renewal


£21.95 is the current new customer rate for fibre broadband inc. line rental (which is £21.22 - i.e. the broadband part is £0.73), but excludes the new customer cashback.  So in this instance Plusnet are actually honouring their statement of some months ago that they will offer existing customers the same rate as new customers (except the cashback element). This is actually the same rate that I was offered a few months ago.

All Plusnet contracts now include the March price increase (as do many of their competitors, all at the same rate of CPI +3.9%!).


If your offer is not as good you could, of course, ring the Customer Options Team (COT)(0800 432 0200 and select the thinking of leaving option) and see what they will do. (The £21.95 deal is advertised as a Black Friday deal and so might just have become available). You can also pursue any emailed deal with the COT if the link does not work.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Renewal

Thanks a lot for reaching out @Jovin123

I'm like that, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I've just had a look into your account though and everything checks out. Smiley


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