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Renewal Deal changed

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Renewal Deal changed

Hi there,


I signed up for a renewal on the 14/04/2023 that started on the 17/04/2023 for 18 months for £25.50 a month. I have a screenshot of the offer from the offer and upgrades screen from the member centre. I also have a pdf contract summary that was emailed from Plusnet stating these terms.

I logged in a few days later, after not receving any new emails or communication from Plusnet, to find that Plusnet has now changed the monthly amount to £26.53 without my agreement or having notified me of the change.

I am not happy with this and would like an explanation why this has happened and the terms and price that I agreed to honoured (£25.50 a month for 18 months).


Kind Regards,

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Re: Renewal Deal changed

Same happened to me.  Give them a call and they will put it right.  The renowned wonderful Plusnet billing system cannot correctly calculate the discounts.