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Premature termination of 18 month contract ?

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Premature termination of 18 month contract ?

I last renewed my contract in July 2020: Unlimited Fibre Extra "new 18 month fixed price contract ... You'll change to your new package on: 06/07/2020"

However, today I've received an e-mail from Plusnet 'It's time for your account review', but signing up notes "Your package will change on: 12/11/2021", rather than 6 January 2022 when the current 18 month term ends.

Why doesn't the proposed new contract commence in January 2022, when the current one lapses ?

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Re: Premature termination of 18 month contract ?


As far as I am aware Plusnet have always started recontracts either the day after you sign up or on your next billing day. Whichever of those seems to be alottery and might still be even with your email saying 12/11/21 if my experience is anything to go by!

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Re: Premature termination of 18 month contract ?

Hello @Davexxx

Thanks a lot for reaching out. @jgb is right, in that your new contract won't commence once your current contract has ended, but will commence either the following day, or on your next bill date. If there are any product changes on the account - such as an upgrade from Fibre to Fibre Extra, this will go ahead the following day, or when the order completes.

It makes sense to me, as it prevents people from agreeing a new deal, and then having it come into effect let's say 6 months down the line, when prices might well have changed by then. Smiley


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