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Non VAT Invoice - You can still claim VAT back

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Non VAT Invoice - You can still claim VAT back

I have just got off the phone with HMRC regarding Plusnets refusal to issue VAT invoices.


What they said is that there is absolutely no problem is claiming the VAT back even if you don't have a VAT invoice. What is important is that you can provide evidence that you have been provided with a service and that  you have been changed VAT for that service.

The non-VAT invoice says that VAT has been charged on the calls and Plusnet is are large company (part of BT) who will be VAT registered. That will provide enough proof for any VAT inspector that you have been charged VAT which is all that matters when it comes to reclaiming it.

Their VAT Registration No. is 245719348 which you can write on the bill if you like but it is not necessary.

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Re: Non VAT Invoice - You can still claim VAT back

Actually, having commented on this in another thread, I went off and double checked. I think what you were told only applies for amounts up to £25. Up to £250 a simplified VAT invoice is sufficient, and above that a full VAT invoice is required.

But apart from the £25 de minimis allowance, to reclaim VAT you must have valid VAT invoices. That link has the following alert

You cannot reclaim VAT using an invalid invoice, pro-forma invoice, statement or delivery note.

So Plusnet's statement really can't be used to reclaim VAT unless it is no more than £25.

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Re: Non VAT Invoice - You can still claim VAT back

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