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New Contract and Billing

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New Contract and Billing

Received bill for the last month of contract (4th Feb to 3 March) and I think that gets paid tomorrow (11th). I have just renewed for 18 months and see that contract starts tomorrow. How does the charging work seeing as I think it's paid in advance. Will you issue a bill for the new contract but give me a rebate on the old bill seeing as the old contract ended early?

I never understand why it's done like this, I'd have thought my new contract would come into play once the old one expired, ie 4th March, easier all round I'd have thought. This way, starting a new one before the old one has expired seems to make life very complicated with rebates. Still, keeps the programmers in work.

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Re: New Contract and Billing

In the past when I renewed the new contract came into force right away even though I'd already paid a month in advance at the old rate. It seems more complex but it actually worked - next month the bill was recalculated and the amount I'd overpaid by paying in advance was repaid.

This time I was told the new rate would start at my next bill which sounds simpler you'd think. But it meant I was paying at the old higher rate for a month but even worse their system simply doesnt work. The delayed change didnt happen and I'm now having to sort it out.

So my advice is to get a renewal put through right away and not delayed to the next bill date.

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Re: New Contract and Billing

Thanks for renewing with us @SurreyAlan

I'm really sorry for the confusion here though I do agree with you that it may sometimes be better to start a contract when the old one ends, but due to the way our systems work it's generally either next bill date, or the next working day.

@jwsg is correct. On your next bill, we'll take this into account and you'll see an extra discount. 

Though, I'm sorry to see you're having an issue with your bill, I can see @LaurenB is personally sorting this out for you. 

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