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Line Rental Saver disadvantage!

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Line Rental Saver disadvantage!

I currently subscribe to Unlimited Broadband and pay for line rental every 12 months (LRS) but was not aware until I spoke to Customer Support on Friday that I can only upgrade to the current Unlimited Fibre offer (which includes line rental) if I am prepared to loose the remaining 9 months of pre-paid line rental.

I can understand loosing the remaining 9 months if I was to move away from PlusNet, but when upgrading product, I would expect a partial refund.

Nowhere in the Line Rental Saver T&Cs does it warn of this.

Another problem I am having with LRS is this: I renew every July. Every October (for last 3 years) I receive an email from PlusNet advising me that LRS will expire in December. I ring them and wait on hold (30 minutes last Friday) to explain again that they have got their dates wrong. Every year they tell me they have sorted the problem and it shouldn't happen again. We will see next October.

Maybe LRS is not such a good idea after all?

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Re: Line Rental Saver disadvantage!

Welcome to the forum.

There's something very funny going on here.

As I understand it, new subscriber deals are not available to existing customers. Also you can update from fibre to fibre extra without LRS being affected at all.

I would ring again taking the line that you want to be upgraded to fibre extra for the difference in price of £5 per month and see what happens. Obviously if you are out of contract it's a straight negotiation of a new fibre extra contract price The downside you have is that threatening to leave is probably a non starter due to LRS. This is the snag if it is  not synchronised with your broadband contract.

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Re: Line Rental Saver disadvantage!

Hi there @kdLeeds,


You can always upgrade at anytime to fibre/extra if there is availability, we would need to agree a new deal/contract. The line rental saver would stay the same, so you would not lose this. I can see we have raised the line rental saver issue you mention above to the correct team who are currently working on this for you and will update the account once it has been worked. - Maddy