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How Do I Renew my Contract

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How Do I Renew my Contract

Hi, It appears that as a customer you cannot raise a new question on the forum (not good) so have to tag on to someones thread. I have repeatedly without success trying to renew my contract for a long time now in my account. I am happy with what i was paying and to renew at the price on screen was ok. But unable to.

Every time i choose the option on my account screen to renew it, it just takes me round in circles back to the beginning. Very frustrating as you cannot get to speak to anyone.and i cannot renew my contract so now im paying for out of contract prices which has literally doubled my monthly bill.

Im now seriously thinking of finding another provider as there are plenty out there.  Not happy!


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Re: How Do I Renew my Contract

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Re: How Do I Renew my Contract

@howie1  Welcome to the forum.

For the future if you go to a board, for example My Account/Billing, you will find a pink field labelled 'Start a Topic' at the top.

One way that I think works is to ring in and select the 'I'm thinking of leaving ' option. That tends to be answered quite quickly.

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Re: How Do I Renew my Contract

I'm having exactly the same problem, and I too am fed up with it. I am offered the same service I am on now at a reduced price yet cannot accept the offer. Just forever going round in circles as you say.