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Freeze account

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Freeze account


I have a year left of my broadband but im moving out the house it's in right now and will not be moving to my new address for a couple of months. I was wondering if it's possible to freeze payments on this until i move into my new address and need to activate the internet again? I don't mind the 2 months being added onto the contract obviously but i don't know if this is possible ... if not, what would my options be? x

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Re: Freeze account

Hi Luke,

I’m afraid that we can’t freeze an account.

If you know where you’ll be moving to, we can place the house move order for up to 90 days in advance. 

Alternatively you could arrange for a line to be installed at wherever you’ll be living in the meantime and then do another house move when you know where you’ll be moving to and have a confirmed date.

In all instances I’d recommend calling our house move team on 0800 013 2632 to discuss and arrange as they’re the best people to help. 

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