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Fibre Extra sign up bonus card valid?

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Fibre Extra sign up bonus card valid?

As I was signing up for a new 18 months contract it shows a picture of £75 gift card, which I assume I would be getting as part of the sign up. However after signing up there is no mention at all of this card, anywhere in the emails that are then send afterwards, and nothing mentioned in my online account.


I wasn't expecting to get the card immediately, but I was expecting there to be a mention of it within the order and confirmation with next steps on when and how it would arrive.


Since being a customer back in 2018 I've noticed the  online chat seems to be disappeared and now have only the option to phone or post up publicly about this.


I prefer not to wait in a queue to ask this question on the phone, could somebody please get back to me to let me know if I will be eligible for the £75 giftcard and the process, if i'm not why is there a picture of a smug git holding a card, is this his commission cheque for me signing up Smiley


Seriously though if someone could confirm either way.




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Re: Fibre Extra sign up bonus card valid?

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Re: Fibre Extra sign up bonus card valid?

Hi there, cheers for signing up to us.

I've had a look and I can see you've gone through a cashback site (either TopCashback or Quidco) so you'll be getting cashback from them when your service goes live, instead of a reward card from us.

We won't be able to provide both, unless you've signed up on an offer via or but it doesn't look like you have.

If you've got further queries, feel free to get back to me and I'll be happy to help. 

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Anoush Mortazavi
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Re: Fibre Extra sign up bonus card valid?

I signed up via TopCashback,and it's tracking in my account ( See attachment as proof ) . I  selected the Cashback via , which takes you to the site with affiliation with topcashback logo, with a guy holding a £75 mastercard.


Interesting to note that if I repeat this process today from topcashback, there is no guy holding a mastercard, he is now holding a router instead. 


Very mis-leading! , spoke to your customer services about it today. when I signed up amoungst other things  I selected the cut-over date, which would have been the 24th June, to avoid getting a penalty but your system changed it  on the order to an earlier date which would have had me hit with an early termination charge from vodafone.

Too many problems / discrepancies and I have even taken service yet.


I've would like to cancel order, please cancel it sick of having to ring up all the time or wait for phone calls. You don't allow private responses to emails, you don't even acknowledge that the email address is unmonitored either so waiting days for a reply never to come, instead have to air dirty laundry in public, don't like it one bit.


i've decided to go with Shell Energy, via topcashback, same process when you hit there landing page also affiliated with topcashback logo they also give you bill credit, with your order which makes the offering better and far easier to understand up front.


I suppose to be getting a call back  from you on 10/06/2022 at 12, I cannot do this time, if you have to call which I prefer you didn't and just cancelled then please schedule  for 13:30.


Thank you


I hope everyone in the world enjoyed reading this Smiley


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Re: Fibre Extra sign up bonus card valid?


Be aware that you have 14 days from the day that you sign up, not the go live day, to cancel without automatically triggering cancellation charges. Also, you cannot cancel a contract by posting on this forum, see

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