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Discount not applied on contract renewal

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Discount not applied on contract renewal



Our previous ADSL broadband contract was expiring in January, so I renewed our contract at the new monthly cost of £22.49. Confirmation was received on 9th January 2022.


I have now become aware that I have been billed the out of contract price of £37.72 on 27th January

and then I will be billed £38.20 on 28th February.


The broadband page of my account states I cannot change accounts (I do not wish to and nothing has changed since contract renewal on 9th Jan) as an account change is in progress? This suggests to me that the contract renewal process has not been completed correctly.

It appears the promotional discount has not been correctly applied for January and February,


Please correct the coming direct debit, and refund the over charged payment for January.


**Additionally, it also appears I was overcharged in June 2021, the contract rate then was £21.99/mth but I was charged £24.45 in that month, for some reason?

Thank you  

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Re: Discount not applied on contract renewal

Hopefully some-one from support will pick this up and correct - as they had to do for me

My change wasnt put through right away - it was to happen on my next bill date so it was put onto their system as a ticket.

But each time the ticket woke it found the account in the 'cannot make a change' state and so the discounts couldnt get applied. PN seem to be stuck with a billing system with issues.

My previous bill was also slightly higher as the old contract ran out mid month and so was for half a month at contract price and the rest of the month at a higher out-of-contract price.

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Discount not applied on contract renewal

Hi @puppyfriend, I'm really sorry about the incorrect bills after you started a new contract with us. After checking your account I can see this was due to an issue with the contract not activating correctly, I've put the right discounts in place for future bills, arranged your refunds and have added an answer to the question about the June 2021 bill to a support ticket on your account which you can check here:



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 Adam Walker
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