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Credit money kept by Plusnet for months

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Credit money kept by Plusnet for months



My connection was supposed to be live on 17-Mar, but thanks to mismanagement by BT/Plusnet end result of which is that I do not have any connection even on 27th & no chance of anytime soon ....Over 10 calendar days & counting.

My account has accrued lot of guilt(goodwill gesture) money in addition to missed appointment & daily allowance. This is over £100 now and in addition to this they took first bill for over £40. 

Thanks to Plusnet I need to go out, sort out my own broadband, unfortunately its not free and in plusnet billing teams words not their problem so can someone explain why can't they refund partially, how is it a goodwill if the amount offered is unavailable to me.  You are essentially showing me money but keeping with yourself. Surely if I can't have it when i need then it isn't of much use to me & definitely not in any way any goodwill.   


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Re: Credit money kept by Plusnet for months

All goodwill and compensation payments are credits against the account, not cash pay-outs.

Your second bill will not be raised until one month following the commissioning of the service, against which the credits on your account will be utilised, so you will not have monthly outgoings for a while.

What is the nature of the BT Openreach delays?  Is this a new build or is there a major cable fault in the area?

Is this a property you have moved into or is it a service migration ... where you asked your old provider to terminate their service?

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.