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Contract end date

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Contract end date

Hello. When we moved house the contract was extended 18 months. That ends on 27th November. What is the earliest I can leave without being penalised?.
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Re: Contract end date

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Contract end date

Hiya @MacasMUFC, thanks for getting in touch. I am sorry to hear you are looking to leave.


If you don't want to incur any cancellation charges for leaving us, you would need to leave our service after the contract end date. I have sent you an email with the exact date and also with the current charges as they stand today (this will reduce the closer we get to that date).


With this being said, we bill you for your services for the month in advance and so if you were to leave part way through a billing month, once the final invoice generates a credit for the services would show on your invoice to reflect the dates you have paid for a service, but not received this from us. Therefore, depending on when you leave your final bill may have a credit which covers some/ all of the cancellation fee.


If you have any further queries at all, please just get back to us.

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