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Continual overcharging & incorrect contract / billing details.

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Continual overcharging & incorrect contract / billing details.

I'm getting fed up with the continual over-charging by a pretty huge Margin, despite switching to another contract a couple of years ago...

I'm sure that I switched to an approx. £16 per month Unlimited Fibre Broadband +Phone deal INCLUDING Line Rental from Around April 2020. Switching from a Unlimited Fibre+ Broadband and Anytime Phone + Linerental. (When you confirmed also that you knew my line could not support "FIbre+").

Depite a few attempts to "fix" this - some refunds and some "discount" applied monthly - I'm *still* being charged about £45 per month!

My Account details says "contract ends" in 1970!

It's a complete mess! Please SORT it out, get me on a decent contract deserving of a customer of many, many years!

Presently "front page" on my account shows:

Line Rental: £21.22 - what that's extortionate and I thought INCLUDED in the Broadband deal?

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre: £15.28 (£22.28 when contract ends). - This is what I expect (I think!).
Call plan: Plusnet Anytime £8.37. I'm pretty sure I went to "Line Rental Only" - and included in Broadband at time of last change?

The "Switch product" page CONFIRMS that I an "LINE Only" in terms of the Phone deal...

At the VERY BEST you are over-charging £8.37 per month - but I also think that the Line Rental element is bordering on extortion (given BT WHOLESALE prices) and was included in the Contract I switched to!


I see today that the "Unlimited FIbre Broadband +Phone INCLUDING Line Rental" is £22.99 per month for 18 month contract.

Please could you ensure that you:

A) Bill and continue to bill me the RIGHT AMOUNT.

B) Refund fully what is owed to me!

C) Tell me when my Contract ends.

d) IF "out of Contract", as a very long-standing customer, put be on the "best" 18 month contract deal you have!


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Re: Continual overcharging & incorrect contract / billing details.


I suspect that you signed up for fibre at £16 per month and assumed that this included line rental without checking the small print. I seem to remember a few complaints about this in the past.

£21.22 line rental might sound extortionate but you need this to carry the broadband. In fact it’s the fibre element that is high and is normally discounted if you haggle when renewing your contract.

Have you looked at closed tickets in your account or emails that you would have received at the time for the evidence that would help your case?


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Re: Continual overcharging & incorrect contract / billing details.


Hi @SeanP,

I'm really sorry to hear you've been experiencing issues with the billing on the account. I've reviewed it this afternoon and can see that there have indeed been some issues with the billing. I've raised a response via a support ticket, which can be accessed here.

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