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Out of contract price

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Out of contract price

My contract ends when I am away.  I want time to decide what to do next and to compare the market after my return.  If my contract expires, will I continue with the same broadband speed (20 mbps) and telephone service - of course presumably excluding the extras like telephone packages - so that I can decide what to do after I get back ?  If that is the case, how long will the out-of-contract term last and what will it cost ?

I could of course make a decision now and end the contract a month early, but then I would presumably have to pay for the router which came with the package which could be expensive.  The timing is unfortunate.

I would appreciate any advice on this.


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Re: Out of contract price

Your service,  including call packages, will continue exactly as before when your contract expires. Your charges will revert ( increase ) to the out of contract price that was stated in the email you received at the start of the contract

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