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Changing call plan

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Changing call plan

Recently renewed our contract for broadband and we don't use our home phone at all.  We want to cancel our call plan, but when I try and do it online it's giving me an out of contract price of £41+ instead of the £24.99 we were offered at renewal. 

Is there really no other way to contact? I have health issues which make phonecalls a problem. 

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Re: Changing call plan

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Re: Changing call plan


There is known issue with the Plusnet system where changes to the call plan appear to remove any broadband discounts. You should not loose any discount if you remove or amend  the call plan despite what the system says (it only quotes the standard prices). There are lots of posts on these forums on this going back months or even years and Plusnet have noit addressed the issue. Possibly a staff member will come along to reiterate this and reassure you..