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Change Payment Date

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Change Payment Date

I want to change the date my direct debit is taken. I tried previously, not realising that what i was changing was the date my bill would be issued, not the date the payment would come out. I don’t care what date the bill is issued, i just want my monthly payment to come out on a specific date with my other direct debits. If I want the payment to be taken on 1st of the month, what billing date would I need to enter on my login area?Huh
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Re: Change Payment Date

What is your current billing date, and what day does the Direct Debit get taken? You might be able to work it out from that.


In my case, my billing dates are the 6th for home phone/broadband and the 25th for mobile.


The home phone/broadband Direct Debit goes out on the 13th of that month, (unless that is a weekend or bank holiday), so 7 calendar days later. My mobile Direct Debit normally goes on the 8th of the following month, so around 13 to 14 days later, (it doesn't seem to matter how many days there are in the month, so that may complicate the calculation?).