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Billing error

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Billing error


Just received an online e-mail invoice from Plusnet that has line rental added. I paid my yearly line rental saver in June 2020 to ensure I made use of the discount (2020-21) so I shouldn't be charged. Getting into my Plusnet account to view my bills to see where the error was applied is impossible as it just comes back with admin error messages at the moment when trying to view bills. They'd already messed up the account from the previous year (2019-20) by not applying the saver correctly. I've had continual billing problems and will try again in the morning to contact them to try and sort it, but I was just wondering is it just me who continually has problems with Plusnet billing errors? It's not the first time and probably not the last time I'll have to ring them up.


I've not even mentioned the unstable broadband I've experienced since I signed up to fibre extra last year!


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Re: Billing error

@amistry   sorry you are not the only one affected by the line rental saver error ,mine started in Aug ,although Im not out of pocket yet ,I have been told its going to take several months before a FIX is applied, You will need to phone up and get plusnet to reimburse excess payments if you are unable to get access to your plusnet net account,try checking you banking account to see what payments have been made,other members on this forum have had to contact plusnet each month to get a refund of line rental where a LRS has been made, Plusnet have a problem with billing at this moment which I feel will not be resolved until this pandemic is over