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Line rental saver renewal

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Line rental saver renewal

Line rental saver expires 2 May 2021. I've noticed I can renew it now.

My bill is generated 3 of each month so what is latest date to renew line rental saver so that the 3 May 2021 bill has the saver on it so that I am only billed for the broadband?

I assume if renew say in March it would run for 12 months from 3 May 21 to 2 May 22?

Thank you
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Re: Line rental saver renewal


To answer your final question first, - yes if you renew at any time from now on, the new LRS will start from 3 May.

You can renew LRS at any time up to the day before the billing day for the period after your LRS expires (i.e 2 May if your billing day is 3 May) and you will not then have any time when you are paying for line rental on your monthly bill.

However, you need to be aware that there is at least one thread on these forums that says that Plusnet are about to discontinue LRS - one thread suggests a date later this month if I recall correctly. If that is so the sooner you renew the better if you want to continue to take advantage of LRS for another year.