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Account setup query - help please!

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Registered: ‎11-08-2020

Account setup query - help please!

Please could someone help me understand how my PlusNet account has been set up as I find it confusing and I would like to simplify it if possible.


I joined PlusNet for my Landline and Internet a long time ago on the recommendation of a friend who was knowledgeable about IT things. For some reason my wife and I appear to have 2 accounts, one is and the other is


The Internet was billed on the harrytheweld account and the landline was billed on the weightcontrol and I really don’t know why. This has now been altered to total billing going to harrytheweld.


I currently have a shortcut on my desktop which allows me to log-in to Webmail to do my email. I have since installed Outlook 365 on my computer and I would like to set up Outlook to use my email so I don't have to go onto Webmail.


A friend who is also with PlusNet has tried to help me do this. He has managed to set up his email on Outlook before.


We have set up a test email account on the server using the harrytheweld account, but for some reason the server settings we were shown didn't seem to work for my setup.


I'm very confused as to how my account is setup and why I couldn't get my email to work on Outlook. I’ve been told I ought to set it up using IMAP.


I would ideally like to have everything held in one account, even if it means deleting what I currently have and starting again so it works the way new accounts do. I would however still like to keep the email address I use.


I would be very grateful if someone could help me to resolve this issue. I'm not very knowledgeable about IT so I would appreciate having it explained in layman's terms.