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Accidental account closure

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Accidental account closure

18th September i signed a new contract with plusnet worse decision off my life …

9th october a bill was generated and by accident the account was closed the same day , after nearly 4 hours they finally admitted after me having to show them payments and contracts that the account was closed in error on same day . No 14 days nothing was not even attempted to take payment back .

Then then they closed the account and the next 24 hours sent the debt off £721 to a debt collection agency adding £186 fees off coarse . I’ve not closed account . I’ve spoken to the debt collection agency and told them to stop harrasing me everyday .

From the 9th I’ve had no internet i run a business have 3 kids and my wife had basically gone into meltdown with the kids I’ve 4 open tickets not one is answered in 10 days I’ve done nothing ,

I was told start a new account and it will be sorted it got blocked untill the debt is recalled . For the debt to be recalled it will be i till 31st this month then I’d have to wait to set up again I’ve had to but dongles and Wi-Fi and none off this is my fault I’ve bin lied to multiple times and each phone call is recorded.

Being stuck no tv for the kids etc as it’s all through the internet is bad enough my work has suffered . I want severe compensation I have bin fobbed off enough . Telling me the person dealing with account ain’t in .. since last week .

No answer on any tickets . I’m barred from trying a new provider as they have a hold on the Line . Why would a cooperation set up this big have a system
That could mess up that much what’s worse id paid the old debt and I paid more to start a new account .

The debt collection agency won’t leave me alone my wife has well let’s just had to go hospital over this my spelling ain’t great I know but I’m just trying get a clear picture I have numerous calls 6 hours worth 2 hours to debt place and loads off emails all for plusnets failt that they admit .

How do I get passed this nobody answers tickets ringing billing they pass it saying we are waiting on DCA the dca told
Me today we’ve heard nothing from
Them so now I have a debt for something that I was technical error .

I’ve never heard so many lies . Nobody
As even bothered to call and say sorry it’s horrific . My best chance is that I hope the debt company get me to court as i have every recordeding

Is there anyway I can go above this my family mental health ain’t good my wife well tried to well I’d rather not go there . The thought off 921 pond debt sent her over the edge

Shame on you plusnet zero management control and I will go the local
Press over your dca and there threatening letters that don’t exist I don’t owe you any many . I paid everything.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Accidental account closure

Hi @dmjscott,

Thank you for your time on the phone earlier this morning. As promised, I've had a full review of the situation and logged a response on the following support ticket, here. Please let me know once you've had chance to read and respond to the ticket and I'll pick this back up for review as soon as possible. 

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 Alex H
 Plusnet Help Team