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A couple of questions....

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A couple of questions....

1) If I move house whilst in a contract period AND I want to move the services I already use to my new address do I have to pay a termination fee and start a new contract or is it simply moved and we carry on?
2) I have been with PlusNet since ...Adam was a boy.  I have been on fibre since 2006 and in that time have had to watch the shenanigans as the packages changed and the costs changed and feeling like I always had to check the 'Change my product' link in order to get on the correct package for me.  It seems those days are SLOWLY dying away however we now have joyous cashback, voucher nonsense to deal with.  Why do I feel I am being stitched up by staying with PlusNet when I get offered nothing in return for my loyalty (other than signing up 10+ people in my time with them).  Can someone offer me something or do I have to beg/threaten by phone?
Keep up the good work PlusNet, your service is great I cannot fault it but the financial gameplay is tiresome.
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Re: A couple of questions....

The Moving Guide is a useful starting point for moving property. I think Plusnet will cover the costs for moving if you agree to start a new contract. Section 2 of the guide covers this.
Regarding the price you pay; giving the Customer Options Team a call can be worthwhile. They are on
    0800 013 2632 or
    0330 123 9197
and available
    8am - 8pm Monday to Friday
    9am - 7pm Saturday
    9am - 6pm Sunday