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sms short codes

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sms short codes

I'm slightly regretting switching to plusnet after discovering that I can no longer send sms to short codes. I use it to pay for parking at my local train station, it was by far the most convenient way to do this.


To be honest I never even considered that texting to short codes was an optional feature that mobile providers could choose not to implement, so it was really disappointing to find out that it was missing on my new plusnet account. The arguments I've seen just don't make any sense - you say it's to protect people from spending too much and hitting their smart cap, yet you also have high roaming charges outside the EU which is a much easier way to run up against the smart cap. If this really is the issue, then why not allow people to make the choice to enable it? Or whitelist certain numbers? There are many ways to provide the service to people who need it while still protecting people from accidental high charges, if that's what you really want to do.


Please can you fix this?

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Re: sms short codes

I guess the problem is that Plusnet's billing platform can't handle it and the stuff about protecting their users from high costs is just a smokescreen.