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I had a mobile sim contract with PlusNet and i cancelled it within the cooling of period 

I am Now finding that they are effecting my credit score  and giving me late payments when i have not got a contract with them .I have sent letters to them and i have not heard from them regarding this as I have sent them three letters now regarding the issue and i have had no reply from them 


I have sent letters to

customer service team 

Plusnet  the Balance ,

2 Pinfold St 

Sheffield  S! 2GU i sent them recorded delivery as they would have to sign for them  and I have no reply form plus net  

this is bad business and bad customer service on behalf of PlusNet  




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mobile contract

cancelled the mobile sim contract sim in the cooling off period 13 days 

and I find they are still charging me£20.00  for a service i don't have with PlusNet and is effecting with my credit score 


Ive sent letter to them and not have heard from them at all and if i don't here i can take it to the ombudsman 

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Re: mobile contract

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Re: mobile


Repeatedly sending the same message on multiple boards will only cause confusion.

Are you aware that cooling off periods start the day after you agree to take the service, not when you activate it?

Your credit score is only affected when you fail to pay a bill. It’s far safer to pay then if you’re in the right get a refund and ask for a goodwill gesture to cover the inconvenience.

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Re: mobile

Hi Baldrick 

well i had informed  PlusNet  within the cooking off period to cancel the mobile contract , Of which they have not have done so. and this is why they are giving me a bad credit on my credit score , 

and this will be going to the overman now as they have not communicated with me  and sort out the problem