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World charges

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World charges

Hi , at the end of the month I am travelling to the Maldives. Please can you confirm … 


1) if I Am on Wifi on the resort am I right I thinking that text messages , WhatsApp , FaceTime etc will be free ? Also are voice calls free over Wifi ? 

2) if I am not onWifi please advise what the charges will be for voice calls and text messages ? 

Thank you 

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Re: World charges

The rates when roaming can be found here

Whatsapp will work over wifi but normal SMS messages and voice calls will not and would therefore be charged

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Re: World charges

Thanks for this - much appreciated!

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Re: World charges

I guess it depends whether the texts are delivered over the internet or a standard SMS? I know the iPhone can be temperamental on what it decides.

Also it may be worth looking at setting up some account over the internet, so if you have a working WiFi connection you can call people for free? I don't use VOIP, so I am not the best person to advise, but I assume you can do that.

Other thing I could suggest is getting your phone unlocked (if it is locked) and using a local PAYG SIM. That's what I did when I went to Australia and it worked out a lot cheaper. Main problem with that is people will have to contact you on a different number and pay for an international call.