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Where has common sense gone?

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Registered: ‎29-05-2020

Where has common sense gone?

As a new customer I ordered a new sim only plan and the porting of my existing number to same.

Very careful in checking the options and selected NO voicemail.

New sim duly arrives and within minutes voicemail notifications.

New sim apparently wrongly configured due to number porting.

Contacted and had voicemail removed. Minutes later voicemail notification, probably to say voicemail has been removed.

Voicemail is switched off but there is a message there somewhere and every time I interact with my phone another notification.

It is annoying to say the least so again I phone customer service and had it suggested they turn on the voicemail allowing me to delete the message and then I have to phone again to have voicemail turned off. (No doubt creating another voicemail message)

Why not just remove the stupid message that is triggering the incessant notifications?

And finally since I am here do not bother me with text messages unless REALLY important.

Your chat is never available and you do not provide an email address.

My preferred method of contact is email but I have to phone you.

Either email as preferred or phone me since I do not conduct business with a text message.