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Two new sim cards and still no data - Time to leave?

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Registered: ‎12-05-2017

Two new sim cards and still no data - Time to leave?

Hi all,


So posting here as a last resort. Was with life mobile on a 3g deal until plusnet took over. Saw a new 4g sim offer and contacted plusnet to transfer to that deal. New sim arrived, called to activate and all great...not quite.

Problem is absolutely no data is working. Called customer service number of times, after a long wait each time, restarting phone, putting in to aeroplane mode, resetting network settings, sent apn settings (but no option to insert these) diagnosed with faulty sim.

Replacement sim arrived yesterday and guess what after activation still no data services at all. Tried all the advice and sim in three different iphones, no data. Tried other sims in my iphone and data services work fine with other networks so problem is definitely with plusnet.

Called again today advised to delete all apn profiles and as a last resort restore iphone to factory settings. Did all of that and with a blank brand new iphone still no data. Spent hours then restoring my backup and still no data.


Think I'm ready to call it a day and ask for the PAC code and move to a different network unless anyone can offer any advice or fixes I have not tried.


Grateful for any help at all....



Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Two new sim cards and still no data - Time to leave?

Hi imranrasool,

Thanks for getting in touch with us!

I'm really sorry to hear about this and I'd like to help in anyway I can!

As you've already been through the troubleshooting steps, one of the last possibilities that this could be, is your Smart Cap. If you have exceeded your bundle allowance, incurred extra charges for data and reached your Smart Cap, this would suspend your data services until your next bundle refresh date. However, I'm sure an agent would have advised you of this if this happens to be the case.

I cannot discuss or confirm any information on your account publicly due to data protection; I see that you have sent a private message, if you could reply with your account details, I'll certainly look into this for you.

- Rebeka