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Technically curious !

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Technically curious !


Is this CGNAT thing going to disappear soon ?  I believe it was introduced as there is a shortage of address'.

I checked my new phone and I see that it has an allocated IPv6 address as well as an IPv4 address.

Funny thing though, my broadband also shows an allocated IPv6 address, but only when checked from my phone.

Checking from my broadband it doesn't show any IPv6 allocation.



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Re: Technically curious !

I don't believe Plusnet are using CGNAT (at least on the internet) because they have sufficient quantities of IPV4 addresses. Also they had a short trial of CGNAT some years ago but it interfered with a number of protocols.

Since it is possible to generate a IPV6 address from a IPV4 address (but not vica versa) it allows phones to make IPV6 to IPV6 connections.

It will be a very long time before cheap home routers are available for IPV6, even though the pool of available IPV4 addresses will continue to diminish to zero.

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