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Short message codes (again)

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Short message codes (again)

I already know what Plusnet's answer will be, but just want to register my frustration that they still do not support short message replies.

I attempted to make a foreign purchase online using my credit card this morning, which was declined "pending fraud checks" according to the message that I received from the card provider on my phone.

I then received a second message asking me to confirm or deny two transactions (the one I was currently attempting, plus another that I had made previously) by responding Y or N. Because the check was made using a short message number I could not do this.

I have had to log in to my card account to send a secure message confirming the transaction attempt and explaining that I could not reply to their security check due to my mobile provider's restrictions which are allegedly implemented for security reasons according to previous responses on this forum (how ironic).

Luckily, I was in a position to be able to complete the transaction using a different card.

I could understand the continuing reluctance to implement short message replies if it was a medium mainly used by scammers, but it is a service increasingly used by legitimate organisations for customer security and convenience, and not being able to confirm that I was responsible for the transaction (or as happened last year, that I was able to attend a hospital appointment) is quite frustrating.

As, I say, I don't expect a useful response, and I know the suggestion from other members will be to find a different provider, but I kind of live in hope that if enough of us register our frustration it might make a difference eventually!

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Re: Short message codes (again)

Totally agree, very frustrating