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Problem with Porting

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Problem with Porting

Dear members,


I wish I get some real help with my problem.

My previous provider was o2 and I moved to Plusnet last week. The PAC code was supplied to Plusnet on Friday and being the weekend, I did understand that my old number would be ported by Tuesday - that was yesterday. Yesterday morning I received a message from o2 that my usual number was going to 'Port' out that day and the o2 SIM will no longer work once it is done. No message from Plusnet, apart from the ones sent by text on Friday when they confirmed my porting details. My old o2 number disconnected by the afternoon yesterday and I hoped that it will be a smooth transition to my new provider. Alas! this was not so.


Contacted customer services twice yesterday and was assured that hopefully by midnight, the number would be ported. Slept over it and when I woke up this morning, still no porting and no messages from Plusnet to inform me of any delay. Contacted customer services again this morning and was told by the agent that she could see a 'porting delay' on my account and there was nothing she could do. I asked her whether she could contact the technical team of engineers to flag up my issue to which she said she was unable to do so. She said that I was entitled to 'compensation' which is not what I am after.

In desperation, I am contacting this forum to see if there are any Support service managers who can help me. I am in healthcare industry and needless to say, I am supposed to be contactable by my employer. I am really disappointed by all of this.


Looking forward to receive some help to get my old number ported ASAP.



Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Problem with Porting


Hi Fyzer,

I'm very sorry to hear of the porting delay! Typically, if a port request has moved outside of our standard timescale, the request will then be automatically escalated to our operations team, who are responsible for completing the transfer ASAP.

If you’d like to send me a PM with your account’s details, I’ll be able to check the delay has been escalated, and for any possible updates. Smiley

- Charlie

 Charlie Robinson
 Plusnet Help Team