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Porting Woes

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Registered: ‎24-10-2020

Porting Woes

This beyond a joke now. I'm not expecting anything here, because PlusNet have been pretty useless so far. Hopeful some will read this and stay away, like I should have done.

I ported my number to PlusNet 4 weeks ago. I tested the sim when I got it & all seemed ok. After the port mobile data hasn't worked. My weekly call to customer services has been:


  1. Engineers working on the mast. Despite my wifes EE phone working without issue, this apparently only affected my data.
  2. Engineer still working
  3. Wrong APN setting. After having put the settings in & proved it still didn't work Still nothing
  4. Provide 3 examples of it not working. Try the SIM in another phone, "just in case". Still doesn't work.
  5. Call up & get told I haven't tried it it another phone. Get told they tried to contact me, despite having my email, phone number & twitter, failed to do so, yet it was my fault still. Suggests at this point sending out a new SIM, since no-one at PlusNet gives a fig that my damn phone doesn't work.

We're into the 5th week. now. If you think I'm paying for this month, you've got another thing coming.

Seriously, if you're considering joining plusnet, don't. The worst customer service ever. It's not the fault of the people in the call centre - they have been helpful & answer the call almost straight away. They just can't do anything at all.