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Poor signal and not getting any help.

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Poor signal and not getting any help.

Can someone please help a couple of newbies.

Wife and I just joined PlusNet. Signal advertised for area as excellent whereas getting really poor  I bar 3g or 4g in house , sometimes no bars, Outside I or 2 maximum.

Site said already fixed fault on the area, very helpful guy said might be sim so  Plusnet sent new sims just incase fault affected ? Still poor signal. Raised with Plusnet on 500, another helpful guy . Fault logged with EE . EE have come back and said fault now fixed, but it isn't, still same poor signal. Can't phone them as the 150 number they gave doesn't work from Plusnet.

Both of phones and sims work fine about a mile distance away with 4/5 bars.


Phoned Plusnet again , had an unhelpful and bad experience this time, treated like an idiot. Told to log fault onto the EE website myself. There is nowhere to do this that I can see and cannot raise issue on them as no EE account number.

Is there any way of contacting EE direct or getting Plusnet to do this for me.

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Re: Poor signal and not getting any help.

Try their Twitter or Facebook pages, do tell them that you're on PN as it'll save confusion.

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Re: Poor signal and not getting any help.

We get a weak 2G signal in our house but get a full 4G signal half a mile up the road.

Our problem is that we're the wrong side of a hill from one EE mast & the signal from the other EE mast has to travel through some new-build houses & into our new-build house all of which have foil-backed thermal dry-lining board.

If we test the phones in our loft we get 4G in some parts of it.

While I agree it's irritating, we don't find it a problem as we wouldn't use 4G in our house anyway when we've got WiFi but I suppose if you're relying on 4G it's more of a problem.

Aren't EE eliminating 4G dead spots as part of their contract with the emergency services?




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Re: Poor signal and not getting any help.

It's in the nature of the mobile service to have pockets of poor signal in otherwise strong signal areas. Mainly down to shading by ground contours or nearby buildings or other structures. If you're in one of these it's bad luck but not something easily fixed. It's not really practical for EE or anyone else to guarantee coverage everywhere as it would need an enormous number of masts or repeaters to reach into every nook and cranny. The only real solution is to try a different provider though there's never any guarantee of coverage. It's not really anything PlusNet can do anything about in the short term at any rate.


Both EE and O2 claim good coverage where I live but whereas I get 4 bars indoors on O2 I only get 1 bar on PlusNet. A friend next street along has 3 bars indoors on EE.

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Re: Poor signal and not getting any help.

I've found this site to be quite useful for looking at mobile mast locations and their coverage.

It shows, in my case that I have 3 masts around my area but the furthest away is the one my mobile connects too Roll_eyes

The other two don't quite reach my property.

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Re: Poor signal and not getting any help.

I have a fault on my local mast at the moment, I say at the moment but were coming up to 3 weeks now since the problem began.

If you got the “Fixed” message as a SMS from EE take it with a pinch of salt as I asked EE to send a SMS when they fixed it and sure enough I had one over 2 weeks ago and it did work fine for a few hours then broke again and now its intermittent.

EE and 3 share the same mast at this site and for the past 3 weeks EE have on their site a message saying they know about the problem and it will be fixed in 16 hours however 3 state 7 days.

Both are of course wrong but 3 are at least stating the mast is on private property (local council flats roof) so they got to get permission to get to the equipment so neither EE or 3 can give a precise time to the fix so why say 16 hours or 7 days when it’s an open end problem out of their control.