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No SIM, no information - after a fortnight

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No SIM, no information - after a fortnight

On 11 July, my son ordered PlusNet Mobile and his SIM arrived on 13 July and should have been active on 15 July.  That did not happen and he got a phone call explaining there was an issue with his account involving a spelling mistake in his name.  He was advised this would take 5 working days to rectify.  He has just telephoned and he's been told that nothing back from PlusNet Operations about the account so it's still not active.  He has no information about what is happening and he has no mobile service.  When I try to contact support on his behalf, they will not speak to me.  When he tried live chat or phone, he is asked for name and address details and because they do not match the error, they refuse to speak to him.   He has asked to cancel the order but they refuse to do that also.  How does one get support???

When I researched this, it seems the only way to contact PlusNet by email is to contact the CEO direct.   If I have to, I will but surely there must be some way to get some satisfaction from PlusNet support?


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: No SIM, no information - after a fortnight

Hello @marionmacdonald,


I am sorry to hear of the experience both you and your son have experienced. We hold the security of our customer's account in the highest regard, however we really would like to help as much as possible.


Is there any way your son can can set up an account and send me a PM with his mobile number and full name. 




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 Sammy M - Sheffield Team
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Re: No SIM, no information - after a fortnight

So plusnet are happy to charge bills in an incorrect name, but not talk to the customer to resolve the issue?

and that despite Plusnet knowing there is an issue with the name?

That about cover it?



Raise this as a PM to @SammyM and give it a heading FORMAL COMPLAINT

Give them 48 hours to resolve it to your satisfaction or you will consider any agreement void through their failure to deliver the service ordered.


Detail the incorrect name, and the actual name address and charge (dd/bank) details setup with the account.


Keep a screenprint


If plusnet do not quickly deal with this, escalate the FORMAL COMPLAINT  to the regulator.

Plusnet should give you the details for escalating a FORMAL COMPLAINT - you do NOT need to wait long periods for what should be simple issues to be resolved.

- if they dont - add that to the complaint


Seen plusnet pull this sort of shyster antic a few times.

I would demand they cancel the contract and that they confirm in email that they have (no matter how much they claim they dont give anything concrete to anyone) and take my custom elsewhere.


Don't bluff. escalate and escalate if it isn't resolved. log all contacts


This seems to me it isn't just incompetence - its sharp practices and is NOT treating customers fairly - a requirement of their licence.

Any half-way competent business would have quickly resolved such a simple issue.



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