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Mobile use while on a Cruise

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Mobile use while on a Cruise

My brother is on a cruise on the P&O Arcadia, he is on a sim only plan Plusnet like me, he rang me from the Azores this morning to say that he cant make calls while on the ship but he can receive texts?? I checked with Plusnet before he left saying he was going on a cruise to the Caribbean and that he wanted to use the phone they said it would be fine but just watch his limit (I am going to top his account up for him) 

So anyone any idea why he cant make calls on the Ships cell?



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Re: Mobile use while on a Cruise

Hi Johng4rcg!

It sounds to me like this could be one of two things. Either there is a problem with the mast on the ship (unlikely), or that your brother has used up the smart cap on his account, meaning that his chargable services have now been capped.

If the latter is true, this could have happened due to the fact that all cruise ship masts use American networks, and therefore you will be charged the roaming for America when connected to this mast. America is in 'band 2' on our international bandings, and the breakdown of these charges can be found here: 

If he has infact used the smart cap, he will still have his normal monthly allowance to use anywhere in the EU (when he is not connected to the ships mast, and is instead connected to the local mast) with our Roam Like At Home service.

To clear this smart cap and to uncap the chargable services, a payment will need to be made onto the account to clear the balance. It may also be wise to up the smart cap to the maximum of £30 to lower the possibility for the services to cap again.

Ofcourse, there is no way of me confirming that this is the case without accessing the account. To do so we would need your brother to get in touch via phone (dial 500 from your plusnet mobile), email (, Twitter / facebook, or via Live Chat through our website. Once he has gotten in touch, we will be able to access his account and check what is causing the issue Smiley



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Re: Mobile use while on a Cruise

I presume your brother has international and roaming access activated on his account ,

Your Brother is on board for 24day Transatlantic cruise, as such his mobile will connect to the Maritime at sea network.

This is very expensive. He would have received a message on his phone when it connected informing him of the charges.

which will be along the lines of the link below from ee


His cheapest option is to use free wifi when in port at the local cafes  and send emails or text on  whatsapp  or imessage,

Follow the crew, or ask them they all ways know the best location for free wifi.

Your Brother should switch off Roaming to save costs and only switch it on to make any necessary calls.

Wifi on board can also be expensive but should be cheaper than the maritime at sea Phone network.