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MMS Cost

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MMS Cost

Have a query re charges out of plan for MMS messages. We sent two photos via text messaging to my daughter, instead of using FB or equivalent.

When we looked at out of plan charges , it was showing 6 MMS messages! I have resolved with Customer Services but her explanation doesn't make sense to me now I've had chance to think about it. I was told that the photos must have been too big so had been chopped into 3 separate messages by the network, but I can't see anywhere in the ts and cs that gives a max. size for such an attachment?

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Re: MMS Cost

Hi davidj66,

The agent is correct in advising that the MMS may have been too big of a size, therefore converted into multiple messages however having looked into this, this can also be related to the make/model of the handset itself and its function to convert the files before sending. For more information regarding the handset itself, I would advise to contact your handset manufacturer.

- Rebeka