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International Data Usage

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International Data Usage

I have received a message that I have exceeded my price cap and the reason being was 3mb of international data and was used on the 16/11/2019 at 20.00 At this time I was in a hotel at Gatwick Airport using their WiFi. I also have over 1Gb of data available on my plan. Can anyone explain this as plusnet are charging me £14.30 for this usage which I have not used. Also today my wife received the same message that she has reached her price cap?
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Community Gaffer
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Re: International Data Usage

Hi there,

I’m sorry to see there are data roaming charges on your bill that you don’t recognise.

If you were definitely in Gatwick at 8pm GMT accounting for the time difference wherever you were heading to, it’s an odd one to explain. 

Can you PM me your mobile number so I can look this further for you tomorrow?

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