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Informing me late of data usage

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Informing me late of data usage

I find it wrong that plus net decides to send me a text that I have used up all my mobile data at the point that I have used up all my Smart Cap allowance.

Plus net did not inform me in time that I have used my mobile data allowance. If I knew, I would have switched off my mobile data. 

I know for a fact that they sent me a text too late as they sent me the text while I was having a nap so it was impossible for me to be using my smart cap allowance at that time. 

It is disgusting that PlusNet are cheating customers especially during this coronavirus outbreak!


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Re: Informing me late of data usage

I'm not sure that Plusnet actually have visibility of data use on a second by second basis so it may be inevitable that there's some delay.  However I agree that the alerts should be triggered when the allowance is used, not when the Smart Cap is reached.  Especially given their punitive charges for out of allowance data.  For myself I normally keep mobile data off, and just switch it on when needed.