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Example Number Port

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Example Number Port

How port-ins work at GiffGaff

Here is the happy path for a port in to the GiffGaff network.

  • The Member contacts their donor network to request a PAC.
  • The Member gives their PAC to GiffGaff via the port in form, which also requires the member to complete other details needed by MNP.
  • GiffGaff Member Services agents process the form completed by the member and transfer the details into the MNP.
  • MNP accepts the Port in request and returns a Port in date to GiffGaff.
  • GiffGaff communicate the Port in date to the member.
  • At 3.00pm on the day before the Port in date GiffGaff Member Services agents enter the MNP system and lock all keep numbers that are due to port the following day. This confirms the port with the donor network and means the keep number cannot be used by any other network except GiffGaff.
  • At the same time, a file is sent to the MVNE which confirms the details of all members whose keep numbers have been locked for port in the next day.
  • On the day of port, the donor network releases the keep number from their network and sends confirmation of this to the MVNE. Note that each network has until 3.00pm to do this. On a typical day GiffGaff will be expecting a dozen networks to release numbers; that each network will do this at different times; and that each network will have multiple numbers to release, so will batch them up and send them only when all are released.
  • The MVNE processes the files of released keep numbers, matching them with the file sent the previous day from the Member Services agents so that each keep number is associated with the correct Members account. What the MVNE does is:
    • Disconnect the members temporary GiffGaff number from the GiffGaff network.
    • Connect the members keep number to the GiffGaff network.
    • Ensure the members account details (name address etc.) are associated with the keep number.
    • Ensure the members product details (goody bag etc.) are associated with the keep number.
    • Ensure the members billing information (current credit balance etc.) are associated with the keep number.

Note that each of these actions require the MVNE technology to link to different systems in the network architecture. Note also that the MVNE will also batch these processes in relation to when the keep numbers are released by the donor networks.

  • When this process is complete, the MVNE sends a confirmation file to the Member Services agents and to a team that manages the GiffGaff website. At this point the member should have a working service using their keep number on the GiffGaff network.
  • The website team update the back end of the website so that the details in My GiffGaff now display the new keep number. Note that this is also a batch process and takes a few hours to complete depending on how many files need updating.
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