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Data Fair Usage

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Data Fair Usage

I'll be going to the EU for a month and will be using data to stream daily.  I estimate that I'll be streaming 3GB on a daily basis for 30 days, resulting in 90GB of data usage. As PN don't offer an unlimited bundle, I'd look to change my plan to 50GB and utilise 2 sims (50GB on each).  However, I've read about a Data Fair Usage surcharge that MAY be applied for data usage above 15GB, but for the life of me, I can't see the full policy on this.  i.e. why is this only MAY be applied? What conditions apply for it not to be applied?  If applied, how much does it cost to utilise the rest of my data? Seems very opaque and may lead me to leaving PN to go to another provider where I can calculate the cost in advance

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Re: Data Fair Usage

Would it, perhaps, be worth investigating a PAYG SIM with data allowance in your destination country? It may work out cheaper.

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Re: Data Fair Usage

Hiya @chrisfoley


It's rare we have to enforce it so I would need to speak with another team. 


When do you leave? 

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