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Cancelling mobile service with rolling contract

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Cancelling mobile service with rolling contract



I'm currently on a sim only plan that I wish to have cancelled but please read on for that.


I did request to change to a different plan in August 2019 which was cheaper and had less data allowance but afterwards I received a strange email from PN saying:


We're working away on your move to the 1217 1M PN ONLINE EXC SIMO 3.5GB �8.00 plan. This will start from 08-02-2018

Your new plan now looks like this:

Plan price- £8.00 per month
Data - 3584mb
Minutes - 2000
Texts - UNL
Contract Type - 30 day rolling contract


Obviously this is completely wrong and looks to be the original email they sent to me at the start of the service in 2018 as I'm already on the above quoted plan and requested a change to a lower priced offer. I thought nothing much of it and had trust that I would be transfered over to the new plan I requested in the coming month. Then one day I checked the mobile app and it still stated I had the same data allowance. I went on to customer service chat and they confirmed that they could see the tarrif change was added to the account but had 'not taken affect'. Apparently the advisor did not have access to this tarrif on their end and I would have to call the sales team instead to fix it. So I'm still being charged for the tariff I wanted to end, not good!


After having thought about things I now want to move provider. I just went to the 'Transfer your mobile service' in my account and asked for a PAC code which it gave me. Can you confirm if I use this code in the next few days to transfer my number to another provider this will cancel all my services from Plusnet? I don't want to cancel my direct debit yet as I understand that does not actually terminate your Plusnet account.


Thank you


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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Cancelling mobile service with rolling contract

Hello @alexeightyseven I am sorry to hear about the issues with your tariff changes and that it did not go through smoothly.


If you have requested your PAC code, you can provide this to your new provider who will transfer the phone number across. Once that has been completed, your account will be closed, any final bill that is due outstanding will be calculated on the following invoice in which you should receive an invoice alerting you of the amount that is outstanding.


If you are due a refund back, that will be credited back to the direct debit account within 10-12 working days of the account closure.


Hope this information has helped, please let us know if you need any further assistance.


Many thanks.