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Can I get my balance with a sms code?

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Registered: 05-03-2015

Can I get my balance with a sms code?

Can I get my balance with a sms code?


on my other network i could text BALANCE to a number and it would text back?


if not what number do i call ? 500?

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Can I get my balance with a sms code?

Hi andrewpurkis201!

Thanks for getting in touch with us!

We don't provide a certain number which will produce how many data, minutes and texts you have left however, you can always pop along to and log into your 'My Account'. Here, you'll be able to view all your usage, including bills, personal information and even make changes such as your Direct Debit payment date or make an online payment. 

You can always contact us by calling 500 free from your handset or catching us on Live Chat and we can provide you with that information. Alternatively, if you send me a Private Message, I can access your account and add our cracking new feature called 'Bundle Notifications'. You can choose to be notified on either a daily or weekly basis of how much is left of your tariff allowance. 

Hope this helps Andrew!

- Rebeka Smiley

 Rebeka Preston
 Plusnet Help Team