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Can I change direct debit?

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Can I change direct debit?

Hi I wanted to change the direct, the name of the account. Is it possible? Is the only solution to cancel my 30 day contract then rejoin?
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Re: Can I change direct debit?

How about: My Account - Broadband Phone TV - Account details - Payment details - Update........

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Re: Can I change direct debit?

Hi jogwolf,

@idonno is correct. You can go to, login and alter your Direct Debit date. Due to the billing and payment cycles, there will only be a number of certain dates you can change, any that you can't change, will be greyed out. 

Alternatively, if you give us a call on 500 free from your SIM, we'll be able to change your Direct Debit date via our systems. I must advise however, that there will still only be a certain number of dates you can change to.

- Rebeka Smiley


 Rebeka Preston
 Plusnet Help Team