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Beyond a joke now!

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Beyond a joke now!

I've been with plusnet mobile for a few years now and broadband too.the broadband and phone side is bang on great service.But the mobile side is the worst ever,so you have to have a direct debit to have a account,so anyway I also ring up or pay online before the direct debit as usually when they want to take it there's no money there so I pay in advance,and they still send me text message and email saying they've tried to take it and it failed please pay within 48hrs or service will be suspended,so I ring up and they say it's the computer and it does it automatically,but even with a phone call my service still gets suspended,so ring up it's put back on and low and behold a few days or week later it's suspended again I mean this has happened to me that many times I have lost count,I've even had my whole account completely closed down twice no incoming calls nothing,and they didn't know why,I had to wait 2 weeks for it to be put back on,now last October they offered me a upgrade of my tariff,15gb per month unlimited calls unlimited texts,so get a text and email saying that it will be active on the 15th of November,15th of November comes no change still on 8gb ring up they say it's should be fine next month,and they'll add bolt on to make up my data,so December comes no change, but they have charged me for the the bolt ons so have to ring up explain it,they add the money,but we're in March now and still no upgrade still getting texts and emails saying that it's starting from the 15th of next month and I have to ring up every month some time 3-4 times,and they're charging me for January bolt ons saying that I owe it when I don't,I got one myself and the rest is added by them,my account was £39 credit the bill was £64 (with the £31of bolt ons they added to make up my tariff) they say I owe £32 when on my bill it says £6.50 and the app says £23 I mean you offer people a service and change of tariff and you can't even do it but your system is great at taking money,I've never been refunded for the bank charges I got when you kept trying to take the direct debit,even got told by one employee that o ain't been charged by my bank,I even rang my bank on another phone on loud speaker so the plusnet employee heard how much my charges were from the direct debits they tried to take numerous times and still no refund,o just want my tariff I'm signed up for and one month without having to ring plusnet up
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Beyond a joke now!

Sorry to hear this.

So we can investigate further can you PM me your mobile number or account number along with your full address and postcode?

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 Matthew Wheeler
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Re: Beyond a joke now!



You need to report this to ofcom


Plusnet appear to be generally:


Failing to properly action account changes

repeatedly restricting accounts due to weeks long billing issues

Appear to be taking payments for periods beyond the end of contract and refusing to refund

Failing to action (at least properly) account closures

Failing to resolve basic funcionality issues with accounts while still charging for the account

Keeping account credits beyond account closure






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